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Virtual Assistant on WhatsApp for Professionals

Improve your professional appointment management with our Virtual Assistant on WhatsApp ®: an efficient solution for scheduling and remembering appointments in an intuitive and effective way

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Designed to automate your office

Optimize the management of your medical, dental, or other professional office with our automation solution designed for you

We offer an automation solution designed to simplify the management of your psychology practice. Streamline your appointments and patient records efficiently.
Our automation tool is tailor-made for dental clinics. Enhance the management of your dentaiconice with ease and effectiveness.
Discover an automation solution perfectly tailored to your therapy practice. Streamline patient management and therapy sessions with ease.
Streamline your medical center management with our automation solution. Efficiently optimize appointment scheduling and medical records administration.


Callendar cares for your patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

This WhatsApp Calendar takes care of scheduling new appointments, sending reminders, and keeping you informed about how your agenda is shaping up for the upcoming days and weeks.

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Modernize your schedule: Say goodbye to old paper agendas

Free yourself from the worry of scheduling, rescheduling, and reminding appointments for your patients. Additionally, reduce unexpected absences.

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Send WhatsApp Reminders from Google Calendar

Schedule the appointment in Google Calendar, and a day before or a few hours prior to the appointment, Callendar will send a reminder via WhatsApp to your patient. If the patient cancels or reschedules, Callendar will automatically sync with your Google Calendar.

Send WhatsApp Reminders from Google Calendar


Discover how Callendar schedules appointments, manages rescheduling, and sends reminders

A comprehensive video about the functionality of Callendar in scheduling and reminding medical appointments and much more.


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The essential choice for professionals with a private practice.

$USD 29 /month
  • Online agenda
  • Reminder by WhatsApp one day before the appointment.
  • Reminder by WhatsApp hours before the appointment.
  • Virtual WhatsApp number


Designed for clinics with multiple professionals and/or locations

$USD 65 /month
  • Everything that the One version includes
  • Auto scheduling via WhatsApp
  • Reconnecting with Inactive Patients
  • Google Calendar Integration
  • Own number (Official WhatsApp API)


Built for clinics with an in-house or third-party management software

USD $95 /month
  • Everything included in the MultiPro version
  • Complete package with full integration capabilities
  • All premium features, API integrations, advanced marketing tools, and specialized support


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Understand how your new Callendar agenda works

With Callendar, I can separate my private WhatsApp from my clinic's. Before, I used to receive messages from patients all the time, and I had to send reminders manually.

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